Yann Labour

Nationality: Mauritian
Status: Married
DOB : 6 Nov. ’82

Wep Applications Developer


Web app developer, systems administrator. Interested in web related projects, devops, and Open Source Software.
I like my work environment under Mac OS X and my servers under Linux. On Windows, I play games… or debug for Internet Explorer.

I am able to configure and deploy Linux servers to meet the needs of a given project, and develop from scratch (when necessary) complete web applications to go on them: from programming and behavior, to styling and even some design.


  • June ’19 / Development Team Lead at Diadeis/SGSco

    Development of internal as well as client facing tools.
    Development of scripts and extensions for Adobe suite.
    Maintenance of applications.
    Recruitment and training.
    Technologies used: Laravel, JS/Adobe Extendscript, Nodejs, Vue.js, Yii 1.x, Django, MongoDB, Postgres, MariaDB, CentOS, Ubuntu, Github, Gitlab CI/CD, Azure Functions with .NET Core, Microsoft GraphAPI, Azure SQL

  • Jan ’19 - May ’19 / Senior Software Developer at Quantum Media.

    Lead on web developement projects.
    Feasibility study and costing of projects.
    Systems administration.

  • Sep ’15 / Co-founder and Major Code Monkey at Sugarsplashes Ltd.

    Contracting with remote teams.
    Development of intranet web applications, for governmental agencies in the health and employment sectors, as well as for startups.
    Development of features for a Shopify embedded app developed in Laravel and implementation of GDPR.
    Creation of technical specs and user stories from customer requests.
    Technologies used: Laravel, AngulaJS, Vue.js, SASS, npm, webpack, gulp, grunt, MySQL, Gitlab, Github, Ubuntu.

  • May ’14 - Aug ’15 / Lead developer at TF Ltd.

    Development of a transport web application for a startup.
    Technologies used: Laravel, Yii, AngularJS, MySql, MongoDB, Google Maps, Linux, Chef, micro-services, REST API
    Configuration and deployment of servers.
    Leading a team of 4 developers.

  • Oct ’13 - April ’14 / Head of Web Department at Activeline (Harel Mallac)

    Managing of a team of developers; technical lead on web developement projects.
    Feasibility study and costing of projects.
    Systems administration (cloud servers, physical).

  • Jan ’10 - Aug ’13 / Head of R&D at Evolution Prépresse

    • Leading on research and development projects
      • Designed and implemented an intranet/extranet project management and workflow web application which allows project managers, designers, operators and clients to cooperate seamlessly. This tool has allowed the company to manage larger projects with fewer ressources.
      • Lead on the developement of the company's new brand's website, Inedi.
      • Developed scripts for Indesign and Illustrator which allowed to save substantial production time (up to 50% on certain projects) as well as diminish error rates.
    • Systems administrator (Mac OS X and Linux servers)
      • Deployed, configured and upgraded various applications: font management, files archiving, production planning
      • Configured and maintained services: LDAP, DNS, DHCP, NAT, firewall, virtualised linux servers using VM Ware
      • Compiled, deployed and configured several applications: MySQL in master/slave mode for replication, MongoDB, Apache HTTP Server, Apache Tomcat, Apache Solr
      • Deployed, configured and maintained cloud servers with centralised LDAP for user login on multiple web applications for internal use: Open Atrium (Drupal mod), GLPI, Identica, SugarCRM
    • Managing a 3 person team (including recruitment and training)
    • Managing of IT resources
  • Aug ’08 - Dec ’09 / Web developer at BabelWEB/Université de La Réunion

    Web developer/designer and system administrator for the BabelWEB European project hosted by LCF laboratory of Université de La Réunion in partnership with Cellule TICE UR.
    BabelWEB is an elearning project. Users can learn French, Italian and/or Spanish by posting contributions to blogs, then participating in interactive activities.
    Project involved deployment of web applications, CMS usage, design, and development using XML/XSLT, Javascript, PHP and Flash AS3.
    See edu.babel-web.eu

  • Jan - Oct ’09 / Engineer at TICE/Université de La Réunion

    Development and deployment engineer at Cellule TICE (Technologie de l'Information et de la Communication pour l'Enseignement) of Université de La Réunion.
    Deployment, integration and maintenance of web applications such as ORI-OAI, ESUP Portail, Nuxeo.
    Development of tools and plugins to facilitate exchange of data between websites and applications.
    Migration/recuperation of CRLHOI database from a "custom-made" platform and redeployment within Joomla!.

    See tice2.univ-reunion.fr

  • July-Aug ’08 / Web developer at SUFP/Université de La Réunion

    Web developer for the development of test modules for the Pegasus online-learning project, at SUFP (Service Universitaire de Formation Permanente) of Université de La Réunion.
    Development in XML/XSLT and javascript.
    See www.campus-pegasus.fr/pre-positionnement

  • May-June ’08 / Intern at IREMIA/Université de La Réunion

    Memoir on the management of the consistency of ubiquitous components in dynamic networks.
    Development in Java using Julia's implementation of the Fractal model.
    Under the direction of Dr Didier Hoareau, Université de La Réunion.

  • June-July ’07 / Intern at IREMIA/Université de La Réunion

    Creation of a website for the Rock Austral project of K.O.M. Association.
    Involved design in Flash, and development using AS2.

  • ’06-’07 / Tutor at TICE/Université de La Réunion

    Computer Science tutor at the Science and Technology faculty of Université de La Réunion.
    Guiding and preparing students for the C2i exam, tutoring first and second year students in their computer science courses.


  • Web

    • PHP: Laravel ecosystem, Yii 1.x
    • Javascript: VueJS, AngularJS, NodeJS, jQuery, InDesign/Illustrator JS
    • Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, SQL Server
    • CMS: Grav, OctoberCMS, Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla!
    • W3C Standards :HTML4&5, XHTML, CSS2&3
    • Model View Controller architecture (both server side and client side)
    • Web Services
    • Offline web applications
    • Single page applications
  • System

    • Infrastructure management: Opscode Chef
    • Scripting languages: Bash, AppleScript
    • System software: Apache, nginx, HAProxy, Memcache, APC, LXC
    • Operating Systems: Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS), OS X Server (10.5, 10.7)
    • Database load balancing and replication
    • Caching techniques
    • Server/application securing
  • Tools

    • IDE: PhpStorm, Eclipse, Xcode
    • Version control system: Git, SVN
    • Task runners: Gulp, Grunt, Composer
    • Development env: Vagrant/Virtualbox, chef-solo
  • Various

    • Mobile application: Adobe PhoneGap
    • Multimedia: Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, Flash, 3ds Max
    • Other known programming languages: Java (Julia Fractal, Struts), C++, Actionscript 2/3
    • Programming notions: Go, Ruby, Python, Prolog, .NET
    • Security: Nmap, Snort, Nessus, EtterCap, Dsniff


  • 2009

    Master (Bac+5/MSc) Informatique spécialité STIC (Sciences et Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication)
    Université de la Réunion

  • 2007

    Licence (Bac+3/BSc) Informatique spécialité STIC (Sciences et Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication)
    Université de la Réunion

    Licence (Bac+3/BSc) Informatique spécialité Informatique
    Université de la Réunion


  • Web applications
    Designing and developing web applications from scratch is what keeps me ticking.
  • Software automation
    I try to avoid repetitive tasks whenever possible by automating them with bash scripts, js scripts (indesign, hubot) or other online solutions, such as IFTTT.
  • Application deployment

Spoken languages

English : Written and spoken fluently.
French : mother tongue.
Portuguese : novato.